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My son is a student pilot so I got him the right kind of plane to learn in: a tail dragger. It's a 1949 Cessna 170A. Here's some video of Jordi landing it.
I'd learned to juggle balls when about nineteen, and it seems juggling clubs was next on the list. So I finally got the itch, stopped procrastinating, and start juggling clubs in early Summer 2009 after a juggling hiatus of 38 years.


I finally got myself to sea on a tall ship. I did it on the Bark Europa for the Halifax, Nova Scotia to Belfast, Ireland leg of the 2009 Atlantic Challenge race. This photo is aboard the Bark Europa with the coast of Northern Ireland in the background. It was a fabulous trip with amazing blue water, high winds, tall waves and other good stuff. I practiced juggling on the "boat deck" with considerable heel and wind without losing a single club overboard.


I was told by a friend to put a current photo of me on my web site or else. I won't say what "or else" was but it motivated me to do it.
I took this photo in the Water Museum in Lisbon. My camera remote control is in my balled up right hand. This museum is a three story building with the four steam pumps in it that used to pump the Lisbon city water. I am standing next to the wood clad steam cylinders of one of the pumps. Each pump spans the three floors of the building. I am on the second floor in this photo.
This was a fun restaurant in Seville. I sat near the entrance to the kitchen and found the waitors so entertaining as they yelled their orders and what they were waiting for that I took a video. This guy caught me at it, and when I left he grabbed my camera and gave it to a patron to take our picture.

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