Richard Mansfield Kandarian

Permanent Address

140 Camino del Canon, Cundiyo, NM 87522


HOME: (505) 351-4206


Software Engineer, Programmer, Technical Support Provider, Computer Network Security Specialist, Computer System and Network Administrator.


FORTRAN, C, C++, Objective C, Postscript, Perl, Shell Scripts, Object Oriented Programming, Assembly Language, REXX, Unix, Linux, SunOS, Solaris, HP-UX, DOS, MS Windows, Windows NT, Windows95, TCP/IP, Computer Network Security, Computer Network Administration, DNS, SMTP, NNTP, Computer Network Configuration, Automation, Computer Data Acquisition and Process Control, Safety Interlock Systems, CAD, Training, Testing, Trouble Shooting, HTTP, WWW, HTML, CGI Programming, Specification Writing.


Los Alamos National Laboratory, HPC-1/W-11
(Scientific Software Engineering/Weapons Product Definition)
Los Alamos, New Mexico 87545
From:		October 2007
To:		Present
Supervisor:	Kristy Brislawn/Chris Scully
Title:		Scientist 3/Software Engineer.

Wrote software in Perl and PTCs Arbortext Editor to mass load
Engineering Authorizations into LANL's PDMLink system (a Product
Data Management system by PTC). This was accomplished by a Microsoft
DDE connection between Perl and Arbortext Command Language (ACL)
and by capturing HTTP interactions between the web browser and
PDMLink and between the web browser and the legacy repository of
the of the Engineering Autorizations via HTTP::Proxy (from CPAN).
With an automated process thus accomplished I was able to load almost
twenty thousand documents into PDMLink. I have performed a couple
of other similar automation tasks in this fashion.

Customized the Arbortext Editor via ACL and XUI (an XML user interface
system) for the purpose of creating and otherwise maintaining
Engineering Autorization documents.

Los Alamos National Laboratory, CCN-12/X-4
(Scientific Software Engineering)
Los Alamos, New Mexico 87545
From:		June 2004
To:		October 2007
Supervisor:	Gerald Graham/Kristy Brislawn/Ralph Nelson/Cetin Unal
Title:		Technical Staff Member/Software Engineer.

Wrote a software package in Perl to help researchers setup computational
experiments on supercomputers. The experiments would consist of
hundreds of instances of the same problem running on tens of
processors, each instance of the problem running with slightly
different input parameters.  The software assisted with populating
the input configurations with the paramaters (provided by statiticians),
submitting the jobs for execution, monitoring the execution of the
jobs, restarting them as necessary, post processing the output (some
of the results of which went to the statisticians) including finding
minima and maxima, manipulating images, and various calculations.
I also used the software myself on behalf of researchers to run
experiments for them. This software itself took advantage of multible
processors to do it's work via the CPAN Perl module Parallel::MPI::Simple.
The first team I worked with on this received a LANL Distinguished
Performance Award for this work. I also individually recieved a
Certification of Appreciation for my work with another team.

Los Alamos National Laboratory, CCN-12/ESA-EM
(Scientific Software Engineering/Engineering Methods)
Los Alamos, New Mexico 87545
From:		January 2002
To:		June 2004
Supervisor:	Gerald Graham/Scott Schilling
Title:		Technical Staff Member/Software Engineer.

Member of Scientific Software Engineering group assigned to the
Engineering Sciences and Applications Division, Engineering Methods
Group. Continuation of work on Models Based Engineering. (See below:
July 98).

Los Alamos National Laboratory, NIS-6 (Advanced Nuclear Technology)
Los Alamos, New Mexico 87545
From:		March 2000
To:		January 2002
Supervisor:	Larry Ussery
Title:		Technical Staff Member.

Software engineering and programming support of radiography systems
including graphical user interfaces; image processing including image
data acquisition, pixel value correction, compression, and contrast
enhancement; detector transport control; and research and development on
automatic temperature compensation of detector response. Also provided
assistance with evaluation and trouble shooting of detector transport

Los Alamos National Laboratory, ESA-DE (Design Engineering)
Los Alamos, New Mexico 87545
From:		July 98
To:		March 2000
Supervisor:	Chuck Johnson
Title:		Technical Staff Member.

Member of computer and network administration team supporting
approximately 45 designers using Pro/ENGINEER on both classified and
unclassified computing networks. Responsible for maintenance and security
of the installation and license server node on the unclassified network.

Member of Models Based Engineering (paperless manufacturing) team
responsible for using Pro/TOOLKIT to automate use of standards, routine
design tasks, and data transfer between various phases of manufacturing
cycle from design through production to inspection. Extended the perl
programming language into the Pro/TOOLKIT API to greatly facilitate the
development work.

Weirich and Associates, Inc. and
Johnson Engineering Corporation
at Los Alamos National Lab. group NIS-6 
From:		August 94
To:		Present
Supervisor:	Charlene Cappiello.
Title:		Technical Staff Member.

Designed, assembled and installed a firewall router and auxiliary
systems to isolate NIS-6 network from outside access by unauthorized
persons. Access to the Internet from the NIS-6 network through the
firewall requires no special procedures or configuration. Access to
the NIS-6 network from the Internet is very secure yet provides all

Designed (exclusive of enrichment calculation formula), implemented,
and documented software for two process data acquisition systems for
performing on-line measurement of uranium enrichment in process gas
piping.  Operating system was OS/2, Programming languages were REXX
with extensions for Canberra's Genie-PC, C, and C++.  One system is
interactive and the other runs unattended. This work was performed as
part of a team consisting of Nuclear Physicists responsible for the 
overall installation and operation, and designers and technicians who 
performed the hardware work.

System and network administrator for network including firewall,
Sun workstations, HP 9000 workstations,  PC's (Windows95 & NT), and
Macintoshes. The network has a total of approximately 160 nodes.

Johnson Engineering Corporation at Los Alamos National Lab. group AOT-2
From:		November 90
To:		July 94
Supervisor:	Scott Schilling
Title:		Technical Staff Member.

System and network administrator for 20 HP 9000 CAD workstations.
Created a customized user interface to the CAD system drawing database
to fit it to the requirements of the group. Performed some mechanical
design using the CAD system, tutored CAD  users, generally helped with
solving mechanical design problems or 3d drawing problems.

Self Employed
From:		August 89
To:		Present (sporadically)

I participated in the design of the following:

A five axis forearm for a robot.

An automatic radio frequency (RF) phase shifter for the Superconducting 
Super Collider.

I produced all drawings and other documentation for the designs listed
above. I used AutoCad for the drawings. I made use of 
AutoCad's AutoLisp and scripts.

Until about 1992, I provided programs and consultation for MFCS (See
work experience descriptions which follow) at Amgen in Thousand, Oaks
California. That system has been replaced with newer technology.

System Associates, Inc.,
1182 Chicago Road, Troy, MI 48083
From:		October 88
To:		June 89
Supervisor:	Marty Peters
Title:		Project Engineer

Manage implementation of conveyor system automation integration systems.

B. Braun Melsungen AG
Postfach 110, D-3508 Melsungen, Germany
From:		Jan 87
To:		March 88
Supervisor:	Wilfried Kappel
Title:		Automation Engineer

Know-how transfer of the MFCS (see below) system from Rintekno Oy to
B. Braun Melsungen AG. Continued MFCS system improvement. Continuation
of customer support for the two MFCS systems installed in Germany while
employed by Rintekno Oy in Finland. Installation of two additional MFCS
systems sold in Germany.

Rintekno Oy
P.O Box 146, SF-12101 Espoo, Finland
From:		June 86
To:		December 86
Supervisor:	Andrea Holmberg
Title:		Automation Engineer

Systematic improvement of MFCS (Multi-Fermenter Computer System) including
software, documentation, and procedures for installation, start-up and
software updates. One MFCS installation and training project in Finland
and two in Germany. The work involved comprehensive knowledge of Digital
Equipment (DEC) Micro PDP-11 computers, Analog Devices uMAC-5000 computers,
Micro/RSX operating system, and the programming languages FORTRAN, Macro-11

Xertex Corporation, United Controls Division
9419 Ann Street, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670
From:		July 84
To:		May 86
Supervisor:	Alan Stephens
Title:		Design Engineer

Response to requests for quotation for process analyzer systems,  
fermentation process computer control systems (MFCS) and fermentation
process systems.

Evaluation of components to be used in fermentation process systems and 
in computer process control systems.

Technical support for marketing and sales of fermentation computer 
control systems.

Project engineering for fermentation computer control systems including
equipment selection and requisition, site planning, testing, software 
modification, start-up and user training.

Fluor Corporation, Southern California Division
3333 Michelson Drive, Irvine, CA 92713
From:		June 80
To:		April 83
Supervisor:	Various
Title:		Control Systems Engineer

Design and specification of a safety interlock system for a six-drum, 
two-pump hydraulic decoking system in a gasoline plant. Work included
logic design, monitoring progress in vendor's shop and acceptance test 
at the shop.

Configuration of Honeywell TDC 2000 process control systems.

Specification of the controls and operator interface for an automated
tow-line conveyor (built by System Associates, Inc.). Involved close
work with the vendor on the design effort and liaison between the 
vendor and various Flour engineering departments.

Implementation of the logic for an LLDPE (polyethylene) plant using the
Honeywell Batch Controller.

Dupont, Sabine River Works
P.O. Box 1089, Orange, TX 77630
From:		January 79
To:		August 79
Title:		Co-op Student Engineer

Modification of two control loops of a supervisory computer control
system to reduce yield losses in the manufacture of hexamethylene-
diamine, a precursor of nylon. Creation and modification of computer
programs which produced reports used to manage plant performance.


Bachelors of Science, Chemical Engineering, University of New Mexico
May, 1980

University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM
August 79 - May 80, GPA 3.5/4.0
August 78 - December 78

University of California, Davis, CA
January - June 78, GPA 3.2/4.0
September 72 - June 75

Los Alamos High School; graduation June 72


Over the years they have been:
Computing, aviation, bicycling, unicycling (bicycle sans training wheel),
juggling, flute, guitar, various hand crafts including pottery, jewelry,
leather work, and sewing.  I designed my house, and did most of the

Other stuff

Inactive life member of Mensa. Applied to Mensa with GRE scores.

I speak and understand German and Spanish well enough to communicate.