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Experience with Verizon Wireless :(

Verizon is cool!

Amount of data used in GB, through my tablet acting as a WiFi hotspot, last billing cycle (10/27/13 through 11/26/13) as indicated by:

The generic usage monitor app on my tablet: 3.3 (I think this is accurate, and updated real-time.)

The usage monitor provide by Verizon on "My Verizon" account accessed via my tablet: between 1.8 and 1.9 (updated twice daily. Oh! BTW 2 is my limit!)

The amount Verizon billed me for: 3.0 (more than half of which they provided at a rate just over a dribble.)

So the handy usage monitor provided by those very nice, ethical, straight forward folk at Verizon is very good for them and worse than useless to me! I suppose that goes for all their handy alert and control features too.

It's not Capitalism that sucks, it's the Corpos that suck -- pretty nearly literally. What a bunch of grungy people! :( And since we know T-Mo is worse, a competitive business environment really helps.

Is it the MBA programs? Or is it just human nature?

Update January 1, 2014 :)

More of my Internet to Baningue saga? I got my bill which, based on my Verizon supplied data usage meter, I expected to be $32.84. But it was 42.84! After much hunting around on the free data connection Verizon app to find exactly what the extra $10 was for I gave up and used un-free data via my browser to find that they were charging me again for last months overage! (This time their usage meter was accurate! Imagine that!) Anyway, I called them to fume, rant and rave, but I very quickly got to talk to a nice man with a nice country accent who said something like "Oh my! look at that! What I'm going to do is credit your account with $10 -- twice because you shouldn't have to call us about stuff like that!" I couldn't believe my ears! So now I've looked and verified that I only have to pay $22.84. :)

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